Waiver and Medical Treatment Authorization

I do herby give my approval to my son/daughter's participation in this sport and in the program, and I assume all risks and hazards in these activities and transportation
to and from these activities. I do hereby release and hold harmless Irving Football Association, Inc. it's organizers, directors, officers, sponsors and coaches. I agree to
support all IBFA programs; sponsorships and raffles.I do hereby give my permission to any responsible person with Irving Football Association, in the event of an
emergency, if I cannot be contacted by normal efforts, to authorize emergency medical treatment in any area hospital for the child herein named.
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Refund Policy

By completing the online form, I hereby acknowledge and agree that no refund will be given unless no team/squad can be formed for said age group
Privacy Policy

IBFA Youth Football does not use information received through its website and/or any other means for any purpose other than to announce IBFA related
events and activities. Information is defined as participants' names, parent/guardians' names, addresses, or phone numbers. Notify us immediately if you
feel your privacy has been violated.
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