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Coaches and Volunteers

Are you willing and available to volunteer your valuable time and energy to become an influential part in shaping the future of our children and community in a positive and prosperous direction?  If so, the IBFA is the place to be.

Interested in Becoming a Coach?

Coaches do not just develop our young athletes, they also play a vital role in creating better members of our community through teaching and mentoring critical life lessons (commitment, discipline, commitment, cooperation and good sportsmanship).  If you have the knowledge, skill, patience and leadership required to be an effective Head Coach or Assistant Coach, your opportunity to rise to the top of your game is awaiting you in the IBFA.


Interested in Volunteering in Another Capacity?

The IBFA is always in need of talented individuals that are willing to contribute to our overall success as a volunteer-driven, long standing dedicated community service providor.  Aside from coaching positions, volunteer opportunities within the IBFA range from President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, League Director, Equipment Director, Team Manager and Team Assistant; as well as various coordinator positions (event planning, webmaster, marketing and promotion, community outreach, operational support, player development and field marshals).  If you interested in being a vital contributor to our overall mission and continuous success, it’s time to step forward and seize the opportunity.

All IBFA volunteers are required to be IBFA members in good standing (except for Supplemental Volunteers).  IBFA membership is established on an annual basis; and, all IBFA memberships must be renewed each calendar year.

The IBFA will utilize an approved background check vendor to conduct a nationwide criminal background check on every individual applying for IBFA membership, including volunteers and referees, over the age of 18.  A criminal background check will also be conducted for all existing members, volunteers and contractors on an annual basis.  Each applicant must have a criminal background check completed and certified acceptance by the Executive Board prior to being approved as an IBFA member.

Any person of good character may become a regular member of the IBFA by satisfying the following requirements:

1. Complete and pass Mandatory Background Check (cost $20)

2. Complete and submit IBFA Membership Application (cost $10)

3. Read, sign and submit IBFA Code of Ethics

If you are interested in becoming a valued volunteer for the IBFA, please forward an email to and indicate that you desire to offer your volunteer services. Include your full name and contact information and someone will contact you in a timely manner.